Hunger Disease

a feature length documentary

Leonard Kurz, producer-director-writer

Hunger Disease is a documentary currently in development that takes a look at a clandestine study on starvation, done by predominantly Jewish doctors during the time of the Nazi occupation of the Warsaw Ghetto. The authors themselves were experiencing starvation while undertaking the study. The three levels of story are a historical documentary, a medical study, and spirituality.

A last few words to honor you, the Jewish doctors.
What can I tell you, my beloved colleagues and
companions in misery. You are a part of all of us.
 Slavery, hunger, deportation, those death figures
in our ghetto were also your legacy.
And you by your work could give the henchmen the answer,
non omnis moriar.
I shall not wholly die.

~ Dr. Israel Milezkowski,
the doctor who oversaw the Hunger Disease study

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