INPUT 2018


Forest Creatures Foundation is producing INPUT 2018, to be held in Brooklyn, NY.  This is the first time the conference will be held anyplace in New York State.

INPUT is the International Public Television Conference, also known as the International Public Television Screening Conference.  Its primary event is an annual global conference for public broadcasting professionals centered on three screening rooms simultaneously presenting some of the best and most innovative public television programming from around the world. The programs cover a variety of genres and must have been broadcast on public television.  In any given year there will be sixty to one hundred countries represented at INPUT.

INPUT was founded on the principle that every culture is valuable and deserves respect and recognition. It stimulates an increased awareness of cultural, societal, and national sensibilities as it relates to public television programming from around the world.

Sometimes there is debate and disagreement regarding the merits of the program. There can be controversy, especially with programs that examine religious beliefs, cultural norms, and accepted or unaccepted behaviors. For example, INPUT has screened a program about “honor killings” that had been banned from broadcast in its country of origin.

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