The Leonard Merrill Kurz Company is a motion picture and television production company used for original productions and coproduction with other companies for projects that do not fit into the Forest Creatures brand. It is also used for public speaking and other related activities.  It is a separate legal entity from Forest Creatures Entertainment.


Accused of Being Communist

A television documentary on the Rapp-Coudert investigation, with Ossie Davis. Joseph Frazier Wall, historian, Grinnell College professor and dean, has served as a consultant on this documentary film.

Leonard Kurz, producer-director-writer

It has been said that we must understand history so as not to repeat the mistakes from the past. If we are in any way going to attempt reconciliation, this is a must. This film is about just that, and these days it seems to be of the utmost importance.  ~ Leonard Kurz


My Wild Irish Rose

A documentary short on some elderly women in a residential care home in San Francisco, CA.

Leonard Kurz, producer-director-writer


We must make sure that others do not take advantage of the fragility of the elderly just as we protect the innocence of children.
~ Leonard Kurz

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